A bauble, here a star there, our festive decorations will make your tree and home sparkle.

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  1. Hang Ups Quick View

    Hang Ups

    Buy 1 or 2 Packs
  2. Candle Bridge Quick View

    Candle Bridge

    Candle Bridge - Buy 1 or 2
  3. Cone Garland, Cones & Refresher Oil Quick View

    Cone Garland, Cones & Refresher Oil

    Garland, Bag of Cones & Refresher Oil
  4. Christmas Wreath Quick View

    Christmas Wreath

    Christmas Wreath & Suction Cups
  5. Chain Lights Quick View

    Chain Lights

    Chain Lights - Snowflake or House
  6. Robin & Holly Window Stickers Quick View

    Robin & Holly Window Stickers

    Delivery within 7 days Window Stickers
  7. Feature Lights Quick View

    Feature Lights

    Heart Shaped, Star Shaped or Tree Shaped
  8. Cat Lights Quick View

    Cat Lights

    Delivery within 7 days Cat Lights
  9. Christmas Sign Quick View

    Christmas Sign

    Delivery within 7 days Sign
  10. Lantern - Merry Christmas Quick View

    Lantern - Merry Christmas

    Delivery within 7 days Set of Two
  11. Angel Tealight Holder Save 13% Quick View

    Angel Tealight Holder

    Delivery within 7 days Tealight Holder
  12. Border Roll - Triple Pack Save 66% Quick View

    Border Roll - Triple Pack

    Delivery within 7 days Triple Pack
  13. Card Peg Holder Quick View

    Card Peg Holder

    Delivery within 7 days Card Holder
  14. Felt Antler Quick View

    Felt Antler

    Buy 1 or 2 Sets
  15. LED Santa and Snowman Quick View

    LED Santa and Snowman

    Santa & Snowman - Available Individually or Buy Both
  16. Christmas Decoration - Snowman Save 50% Quick View

    Christmas Decoration - Snowman

    Delivery within 7 days Decoration - Snowman
  17. Christmas Tree Delights Quick View

    Christmas Tree Delights

    Available Individually or Buy Set of 3
  18. Lantern - Merry Xmas Quick View

    Lantern - Merry Xmas

    Delivery within 7 days Set of Two
  19. Santa & Snowman Storage Pots Quick View

    Santa & Snowman Storage Pots

    Delivery within 7 days Storage Pots
  20. LED Lights Quick View

    LED Lights

    LED Lights, Suction Cups
  21. Name Bauble Quick View

    Name Bauble

    Delivery within 14 days Bauble
  22. Singing Sensations Quick View

    Singing Sensations

    Available Individually or Buy Two for £24!
Showing 29 product(s)
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